Best 00 Flour to consider 2023

When baking pizza at home, selecting the right flour is crucial to the success of the dough’s rise and proof. To ensure that your pizza turns out perfectly, it’s important to choose the best 00 flour available. One highly recommended option is the Antimo Caputo Chef’s Flour, which is a versatile double zero flour that … Read more

What is the minimum hot holding temperature requirement for pizza

Hot holding temperature is a critical factor in food safety, and it is essential to maintain proper temperatures to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. When it comes to pizza, hot holding temperature is an especially important consideration. The minimum hot holding temperature requirement for pizza is 135°F, as per the USDA Food Safety and … Read more

How to Use a Pizza Peel: An Expert’s Guide

As a pizza lover, I know how much Americans enjoy this food. In fact, almost 13% of the population in the US eats pizza every day, contributing to an estimated $13 billion in sales annually. This makes pizza a significant part of the American economy and even accounts for nearly a third of the world’s … Read more

How to Clean Pizza Stone: A Step-by-step Guide

A pizza stone is a great addition for those who love to cook pizza at home and want to achieve the perfect crisp crust. This porous stone mimics the effects of a brick oven by evenly absorbing and retaining heat and removing excess moisture from the dough. However, it requires proper care to ensure its … Read more

How Long to Bake Pizza at 400: Get Your Timing Right

Making homemade pizza can be a rewarding and delicious experience, allowing you to have full control over the ingredients that go into your dish. However, many people are unsure of how long to bake their pizza at 400 degrees in order to achieve a well-cooked pizza with a crispy crust and tender dough. Timing and … Read more

How to Use a Pizza Screen: Experience-based Guide

A pizza screen is a must-have tool for professional pizza makers around the world. These metal plates with holes enhance hot air circulation, allowing moisture to escape better and produce perfectly baked pizzas. With a wide range of sizes available, you can find a pizza screen that fits your specific oven model. After using screens … Read more

How to Clean a Pizza Oven Thoroughly

Maintaining a clean pizza oven is crucial to ensuring your food tastes great and your oven lasts longer. Stains and grease can build up over time, affecting the taste of your food, and if left unattended, can prevent your oven from functioning optimally. Cleaning a pizza oven can be challenging, especially if the stains have … Read more

How Many Slices Are in a 14-inch Pizza?

The question of how many slices are in a 14-inch pizza has been a source of confusion for pizza lovers for years. Whether you’re ordering a pizza and unsure of how much to get, or planning a pizza party and need to determine the right amount of pizzas to purchase, understanding the number of slices … Read more

How many slices of pizza can a diabetic eat?

Is pizza safe for people with diabetes? The short answer to this question is yes, people with diabetes can enjoy all types of pizza. However, it’s a good idea for all people, not just those with diabetes, to limit their intake of pizza. Here’s why. High in refined and total carbs Refined carbohydrates, such as the white … Read more

What is a pizza boli school lunch?

A delicious breakfast alternative, pizza boli is a great choice. It looks like pizza but actually contains quite a few other ingredients. Bread, eggs, tomatoes, cheese, and meat are the typical ingredients that go into making a pizza boli. The following is the recipe for the pizza boli: In order to make a pizza boli, … Read more